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- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Career Placement Service

Through its Career Placement Service, MENTORS Community Wealth Building Initiative (MCWBI) has the ability to match an applicant’s skills with a job opportunity that is right for them. We have the ability to secure flexible employment options across a variety of skill sets.

We offer applicants a unique experience versus a traditional job search. Choosing to begin your job search with MCWBI gives you immediate access to positions at leading companies that partner with MCWBI. You get the opportunity to work with a professional to identify your strengths, skills and how to apply your prior work experience. In addition, you are provided interview tips so that you can demonstrate your skills and expertise.

Job Placement
MCWBI is committed to preparing its participants to join the Pittsburgh area workforce. The job market is exciting and ever changing, it is a place to sell your talents and abilities. It is also a place where people compete for work. The key to getting the job you want is to be prepared. MCWBI can provide you with the necessary tools to be adequately prepared.

Resume Preparation
MCWBI assists participants in composing an effective and professional resume and cover letter. If you have an existing resume, our staff will critique it and offer constructive improvement suggestions.

Interview Preparation
An interview can be an intimidating experience. However, MCWBI can provide tips to prepare for the interview so that your first impression is a positive impression. Knowing how to dress and what clothes to wear is imperative, and MCWBI can provide assistance with your selections.

Mock interviews
Are one of the best ways to prepare for an actual job interview. It allows you to gain experience and practice in answering questions which you are likely to be asked by a potential employer. You will also be given coaching and feedback that will definitely improve your self-confidence and help you develop an edge over the competition!

Contact Info

P.O. Box 5411
Pittsburgh, PA 15206